Attain your dream body in half the time. Get fitter, better, stronger – faster – with Body By Design.

Customized personal training tailored to your body’s specific needs to get your dream physique.
Rehabilitate injuries, improve posture, and create a beautiful and symmetrical body.
Tone up, feel good and look great with Body By Design’s international personal trainer Ashley Leong and her team of trained professionals.

Every Body is Unique

No two bodies look, or work, exactly alike. That’s why at Body By Design you get a unique, individualized program customized to help you get your body looking and feeling in top form—faster than you may think possible. Each and every client benefits from a personal health and fitness assessment and individual goal setting—the foundation for every customized program.

We design your health and fitness program to address your specific needs and goals, your body makeup, and your personal schedule. Together, we shape a pathway to health and fitness success customized to your goals, needs, body, and lifestyle. A customized program means you can reach your goals and beyond, faster and with lasting effects.

Weight loss, muscle toning, strength and flexibility training, sport specific training, and overall health—your individualized Body by Design program gives you support and guidance at each step of the way. The habits and knowledge you learn will carry you forward, even after you finish your program. So the health and fitness gains you make can be yours for a lifetime.

Your program encompasses every aspect of health and fitness training—exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle. It’s a comprehensive, customized program tailored to your body and your success.

Led by renowned Canadian fitness and health expert and personal trainer Ashely Leong, Body by Design has been helping clients meet personal health and fitness goals for more than five years. Ashley’s depth of training and ongoing pursuit of state-of-the-art health and fitness knowledge and techniques ensure your individualized training program represents the best practices in today’s evolving field of personal training.

What The Professionals & Clients Say About Ashley

I am a doc working in Langley and have known Ashley and her business for a few months now.I have seen how Ashley and her staff train and treat their clients. They are always striving for what is best for each client. They are constantly looking to learn new exercises, techniques and movements to make themselves better and to make their clients better. I highly recommend Ashley and Body By Design to anyone! 

Dr. Mark Malowney - Chiropractor

I’ve worked out with other trainers in the past and Ashley is my favourite. She is knowledgeable in a wide variety of areas which is a testament to her many years of experience. When training with Ashley you get fitness, nutrition, active rehab, yoga, and many more components to improving your health and wellness. I really enjoy training with her because her sessions are dynamic, well instructed, and your exercises are very specific to your abilities. From the initial assessment, Ashley took the time to get to know me, my goals, my limits, and developed a program that revolved around these things. She is such a positive and healthy person to be around and has a great personality. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their physical fitness, lose weight and lose inches, all while gaining confidence and a positive self image.

G.Perkio - Dietician

I’m really delighted that there is a personal trainer with Ashley’s capabilities for me to send patients to in the Langley area.
Touchworks Wellness Centre, Langley, BC

Dr. Anuschka Brhelle, Chiropractor - Certified A.R.T. Provider

I would highly recommend Ashley to anyone who is looking for a reputable personal trainer. Ashley is knowledgeable, personable and effective! Within just two months of training with Ashley you will see a visible difference in your physique, posture and fitness level. Ashley gets results, safely and effectively. Her training is specific to your needs and teaches you how to live a healthy lifestyle, so you maintain your fat loss, muscle tone and posture even years after training with her.

Dr. Navi Badesha - Naturopathic Doctor

Thank You Ashley. The clients that I have referred to you are delighted with your services. You have helped them greatly to recover from their injuries and improve their overall conditioning.

Clayton J. Campbell - Barrister and Solicitor

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